Conscious Human - Healthy Horse


We only need eyes to see and a heart that understands. In my work I try to see each side, the animals and the humans, and recognize its needs in order to create mutual understanding. This in turn creates a meeting point for a powerful and loving connection between both. The result is a greater and deeper understanding of the true nature of our being.

Linking Awareness

Connect your horse –
connect yourself

Animals have been my calling and my destiny since the very beginning. And it has always come easy to me to understand them, to feel them, to grasp their being with every facet, and to descend into their world. I feel especially connected to horses and dogs. Since I became aware that the world of animals – in the way that I grasp and understand it - is still very much hidden to many people, I feel like a mediator between the animal and human world.


Anne Temme - Natural Spirit

Health on all levels

Holistic Therapy

In order to work holistically on the issues with your horse, we look at the physical level (Substance) and the ethereal levels (Energy). Thereby we will realize, that everything is connected.

If the physical body stucks due to various kinds of blockages, or isn't well nourished, the energy cannot flow freely. When the energy, which I would call our life force energy, cannot flow, we might feel tired, sick, emotional unstable, or struggle with any kind of physical or mental symptoms. Have you ever noticed anything like this with your horse or yourself?

In the following section I will show you the individual subject areas and what we specifically can do for you and your horse.


Anne Temme - Natural Spirit



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Anne Temme - Natural Spirit




Anne Temme - Natural Spirit
Hello, I am Anne

Horse & Human in Harmony

My intension is, to lead horses and their owner to a higher level of health and well-being.

Do you have problems with your horse, and have not been able to solve them, or only partially, despite all your efforts? Or would you like to learn a lot more about horse health and raise your relationship to a whole new level? Then you've come to the right place!

I will show you where the causes are rooted and help you to detangle the knots step by step with my 1:1 support - towards lightness, health and a strong connection with your horse.