Health is not always achieved through medicine alone. More often, it is a direct result of inner stillness and peace in heart and soul. It is a result of laughter and love.

Anne Temme - Natural Spirit

Fascination Horse

Animals, especially horses have always fascinated me and have magically attracted me from a very young age. Whenever the opportunity presented itself, I chose to spend time with them.

After graduating high school it came with no surprise that I answered the question of what I wanted to do with my life by saying "Definitely something with horses!"...

No obstacle that I encountered along the way was too big to overcome. After various internships, I obtained an education as an equine professional with strong emphasis in breeding and husbandry. Since I always had a strong passion for western riding, I got my first job as an assistant trainer with a well-known western horse trainer, who was riding for the German national team at that time.

After about two years in the international equestrian sport business, I realized that my passion was much more about the health and vitality of the horses than about winning ribbons and trophies. I remembered why I had actually started working with horses: Because I love them!

Durch den täglichen Druck des Turnieralltags ging mir jedoch der für mich so wichtige, innige und liebevolle Kontakt mit den Pferden immer mehr verloren. Und so orientierte ich mich neu und wandte mich jenen Pferden zu, die in dem System des Profisports gesundheitlich nicht bestehen konnten. Ich gründete ein Rehazentrum für Pferde und mit meinem Team aus Tierärzten, Osteopathin und Schmied kümmerte ich mich um all jene Pferde, die mit unerklärlichen Lahmheiten und anderen Problemen zu uns kamen. Viele dieser Tiere waren von der Tiermedizin bereits als unheilbare, hoffnungslose Fälle eingestuft worden. Dennoch hatten wir bei der Rehabilitation eine Erfolgsquote von über 90%. 

Each one of these horses that crossed paths with me in my career became one of my teachers and provided layers of insights into the complexities and interrelations of equine health, nutrition, science of anatomically correct movement, hoof health and husbandry. In order to be able to help even more precisely, I studied energetic equine osteopathy, natural hoof treatment and other therapeutic modalities.

Anne Temme - Natural Spirit

I began my study of spiritual healing methods to integrate body, mind and spirit. I know that the interconnection of these components is far greater than that which is visible on the surface. We focus our healing efforts on more than on the physical body.

This laid the foundation for energetic healing and animal communication in my work with the horses and thus I developed an even more holistic and multi-layered approach in most recent years.

Since 2016 I offer mobile services and visit horses for bodywork and therapy. I also advise and educate horse owners on common topics such as nutrition, husbandry, hoof health and communication.

Alle beratenden Tätigkeiten biete ich auch online an.

Why Natural Spirit?

Natural Spirit expresses how I feel about myself and my being, and the ways which I choose to align and shape my life and work. I am strongly connected to nature and I love to explore the forests and mountains, barefoot and with my animals by my side. I feel a deep love to the beaches and oceans of this world.

When I connect with nature and all its elements, I experience my biggest healing moments. For all life and health issues, I first try to see how nature would solve them. In addition, I began the journey of my spiritual development in a very early age. I met my teachers in my early 20's, some of whom still accompany me in my own healing process today.

Natural Spirit describes my relationship with consciousness and nature-based wisdom. Natural Spirit is the feeling of being in alignment with the divine at all times, and being able to draw all my answers from this innate connection.

Anne Temme - Natural Spirit

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Trust. Connection. Feeling.
It´s in our Nature.