Here you will find an overview of all my

Certifications and continuing education

  • Professional training as a National German - Certified equine professional for horse breeding and husbandry, including being tested in: lunging, driving, jumping and dressage, performing oral, written and ridden final exams in the discipline of western riding.
  • Employment as an assistant trainer with a German western horse trainer in the disciplines Reining and Working Cowhorse
  • Study of Biological and Medical Laboratory Research at the Saxion Hogeschool in Enschede, The Netherlands
  • Self-employed as trainer for sport and trail riding horses in the discipline of western riding
  • Management of my own rehabilitation center for horses, specializing in those horses that had been classified as untreatable
  • Four years of training as a spiritual healer recognized by the 'Dachverband Geistiges Heilen', DGH with a certification in the field of telepathic animal communication and soul readings.
    (Instructor Anja Hertwig, FATUM - Academy for Spiritual Healing)
  • Four years of training as a spiritual healer in the field of "Hands on Healing", applicable to animals and humans, also recognized and certified by the DGH.ev
    (Instructor Anna-Maria Pierce in cooperation with the FATUM Academy)
  • Yearly continued education since 2011 in the field of Spiritual Healing with Anna-Maria Pierce
  • One- week advanced training in equine acupuncture with Welter-Böller
  • Intensive seminars in horse nutrition with Simone Meyer from Semhof
  • Online veterinary training in Hydroxypathy(company: OrthoCell)
  • Various hoof trimming courses over a period of 10 years according to Natural Hoofcare and F-Balance with Gunnar Schillig, Daniel Anz and Andy Weißhaupt
  • Self-study of straightness training and straightening of the horse by hand
  • Two-years of studying academic training of the horse in hand and under saddle with one of my colleagues
  • Workshop "Freedom Based Training" with Elsa Sinclair in Berlin
  • Workshops in Liberty Work with Susanne Lohas at Lake Constance
  • Several workshops in regards to "The rider's seat" with Sylvia Rall at Lake Constance
  • Workshop in the application of light kinesiology by means of biophoton mirrors; Renzo Celani in Bavaria
  • Two-year online study of wild horse language with Marc Lubetzki
  • Training as an energetic equine osteopath with Ellen von Dahlen of Equinus Sanitas near Augsburg, Germany
  • Further training with the equine osteopath Lina Peukert on the subject of releasing trauma from the various layers of the horse's body and psyche
  • Six-part online seminar "Bloodwork interpretation for horses" with Sonja Witschel of "Minerals in Balance"
  • Training as an equine assisted coach at Ammersee with Manuela and Carsten Essig from "live, love, learn".
  • Six-week dog language course in the South of France with Melanie Müller Quine of "a real nature".


Further therapy methods

  • Kinesiology taping
  • Light therapy
  • Frequency field therapy (company: Vetmedicum)
  • Application of the biophoton patches (company: Livewave)

Trust. Connection. Feeling.
It´s in our Nature.