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In the spiritual approach to body, mind and soul it is understood that a disease is initially visible in an individual‘s energy system over a longer period of time before it manifests in the physical body as an illness. Energy work shines a light on the root cause.

Trust. Connection. Feeling.
It´s in our Nature.

Anne Temme

my mission

Horses and their well-being are my passion.

my vision

Let's make the world for horses a better place and recognize their true treasure.


Food | Hooves | Movement

Diseases caused by civilization of the horse such as laminitis, obesity or emaciation, allergies, coughing or reoccurring colic have almost become a normal state. But it does not have to come this far. I can show you how to support your horse with appropriate and tailored nutrition.

Anne Temme - Natural Spirit
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trauma-sensitive bodywork

The demands on our horses as sport partners nowadays are high, no matter the discipline. Therefore, it is important to support our horses in a variety of ways to prevent unhealthy movement patterns that arise from tension and compensation. Energetic equine osteopathy is a blessing, and achieves that goal. Our horses are intuitively very receptive to it.

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Coaching | telepathic animal communication | energy work

Meeting our Self on the level of Equine Assisted Coaching is a fascinating and profound way to gain insight into our inner being. Your horse serves as an important coach and healer in this work, since horses are equipped with an incredible talent to mirror your blockages and limiting beliefs. Together, the two of you can transform them in a sustainable way.

Anne Temme - Natural Spirit

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