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Health begins in the food bucket!

Diseases that were brought on through civilization of the horse, such as laminitis, obesity or emaciation , allergies, coughing, reoccurring colic, persistent diarrhea, or even problems with ligaments, tendons and muscles, now occur very frequently in domesticated horses.

Common contributing factors in most of these diseases, on closer inspection, are severe imbalances and deficiencies in the horse's diet. Since horses are masters at compensating, they often suffer in silence and the problem can therefore go unnoticed for years. And then, seemingly suddenly, comes the day when the horse displays serious signs of illness.

There are many preventative steps horse owners can take so that it never has to come this way . Once understood, the appropriate diet for your horse can be easily achieved.
Let me show you how it works!



  • Complete analysis of your horses nutrition in connection with all visible symptoms (if any).
  • Bloodwork evaluation, hay analysis and other further diagnostics, if applicable
  • A complete initial feeding plan, individually tailored to each horse based on living conditions, daily nutritional needs and current symptoms
  • Follow-up phone call to answer or clarify any questions in regards to the feeding plan or in connection with the development of the horse

$180.00 per horse

(a discount is possible if I am analysing multiple horses)



Most horses need far more support and adjustments than just the correct evaluation of the diet. It is for this reason that I offer to guide and support you and your horse for the duration of a year.

We will touch base about every 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the horse's case. We will look at the development and progress of your horse since the last consultation and will decide on the next steps to support the well-being of your horse so that it can thrive.

I will initially tailor your horse's feed schedule to his situation and also adjust it depending on which season of the year we are in. I will be happy to explain the meaning and reason behind the decisions I make and everything else you may need to know.

If necessary, we will also help your horse with various therapeutic means such as the use of herbs or hydroxypathy (See blog post).

My goal for you is to learn as much as possible about how to feed your horse in the various seasons of the year so that you will feel confident and knowledgeable on your own in the future.

Prerequisite for this year-long support package is the previous analysis & initial consultation through me for the respective horse.

$90.00 per hour



Dogs, just like horses, have been my companions for a long time. A balanced diet is the base for a healthy organism, and I have gained significant insight into this topic - initially while attempting to balance the diet of my own dogs.

To obtain a holistic picture, I look at the diet and lifestyle of your dog. Often, the cause for physical and also psychological problems can be found in these areas. A change of diet and lifestyle can be key to a happier life with your dog!

Analysis & initial consultation - dog: $120.00

Follow-up consultation - dog: $90.00 per hour


Health means to feel good in your own body! 

Nowadays, the demands on our horses as athletes are high, whether in western, dressage or show jumping, driving, endurance or trail riding. They should be willing to perform and happy and just bursting with healthy energy and joy of movement!

But what to do if exactly the opposite is true for your horse?

The horse is lame, tender walking, stuck, perhaps even displays frustration and unwillingness and seems to have lost the joy in movement. Or maybe your horse is extremely tense and finds it challenging to relax.

With the help of energetic equine osteopathy and other therapy methods, I help the horse to find its natural balance again, to release possible traumas and to help it feeling safe in its body.

$120.00/ duration 1 to 1,5 hours, additional travel cost apply

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For horses, dogs & humans

Bodywork offers a holistic and multi-layered approach when trying to solve physical ailments, metabolic issues, and behavioural problems
Depending on the situation, the following therapeutic methods can be used:

  • Energetic Equine Osteopathy
  • Finding and releasing shock and trauma in the tissue
  • Energetic healing techniques such as Hands on Healing and others
  • Application of Californian flower essences and oils (FES) to support the respective processes 
  • Application of light kinesiology by means of biophoton mirror
  • Biophoton banadage application (Lifewave)
  • Frequency Field Therapy (by Vetmedicum)
  • Light therapy
  • Kinesiology taping


Clarity in you. For optimal health on all levels.

My experience in working with horses and dogs has shown me that their problems and illnesses are often related to struggles of their owner. This even goes as far as showing the exact same symptoms! Most of the time the animals mirror an issue of the owners in order to make it visible to them.

Equine Assisted Coaching is a valuable way to look at these issues together with you and your animal. This way the bigger picture can show itself and the corresponding solution can come into consciousness.

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What makes Equine Assisted Consciousness Work so special?

It is that certain energy that horses know how to utilize.

Horses are masters in recognizing states and energies in us humans, and they reflect what they see back to us in an authentic way. Through their reactions, we get a very clear and honest feedback about ourselves.

This is especially helpful when we are not in a congruent state. An in-congruent state is when we display something on the outside that does not match our inner state of being. This can happen if we subconsciously carry a limiting belief or an unprocessed experience or emotion within us, that separates us from who we are at the core, our authentic self.

It is incredibly difficult to recognize these "blind spots" in ourselves. With the help of the horses and a coach who holds space for this process, true breakthroughs, real self-knowledge and thus healing and development are possible.

$120.00/ per session plus travel cost, if applicable.


I will come to your barn to see you and your horse and we can hold our session in a nice, quiet spot where you both feel safe and comfortable.

All you need is comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the weather. I also advice that you have some time for yourself after the session to reflect on and integrate what you have experienced.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!

No experience with horses is necessary for this type of coaching. No riding will be involved.

You don't have a horse of your own and still want to experience equine assisted coaching? Let me know and we will find a solution.

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Animal energetic & Soul reading

Health arises in harmony of the physical body with the energy system.

The spiritual view of body, mind and soul states that an illness first makes an appearance in the energy system of a being over a long period of time before it becomes visible in the physical body. This means that a disease can always reoccur if it is treated purely on the physical level.

I have the ability to read and feel the energy system of any being and through this I detect disturbances in the various subtle bodies and layers. I help to clear the energy on exactly these levels and bring it back into flow the way it was initially intended to be. This is key to a sustainable balance of body, mind and soul.

Animal energetics and soul readings are pure energy work, which I perform telepathically with you or your animal from home.


You tell me in advance what topics currently concern you, your animals, or both of you. We will then make an appointment together and I will work in your´s or your animal's energy system telepathically for about an hour. 

Afterwards you will receive an email or voice message from me, in which I will share with you what I have perceived, what we have worked on together and what the possible next steps can be.

$120.00/ Duration 1 to 1,5 hours

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Since 2016 I have completed two trainings as a spiritual healer according to the guidelines of the "Dachverband Geistiges Heilen". This is a German organisation recognized in the field of spiritual healing.

The "Dachverband Geistiges Heilen" (short DGH e.V.) has developed a complex code of ethics and conduct which I have committed myself to as a spiritual healer. This ensures the quality of its member's work and acts as a protection from dubious offers for those that are seeking help.

If you want to know more about spiritual healing and the interests of the DGH e.V., you can find some information on the website

Energetic healing treatments do not replace the diagnosis or treatment by a doctor / veterinarian, nor prescribed medication.
However, alternative therapies can be used in a supportive way and can achieve amazing results.


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If you would like my services:

The best way to get in touch with me is by filling out my contact form and sending me your request. I look forward to being in touch with you at my earliest convenience!