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Health means to feel good in your own body!

Nowadays, the demands on our horses as athletes are high, whether in western, dressage or show jumping, driving, endurance or trail riding. They should be willing to perform happy and just bursting with healthy energy and joy of movement!

But what to do if exactly the opposite is true for your horse?

The horse is lame, tender walking, stuck, perhaps even displays frustration and unwillingness and seems to have lost the joy in movement. Or maybe your horse is extremely tense and finds it challenging to relax.

With trauma-sensitive equine osteopathy and other therapy methods, I help the horse to find its natural balance, to release possible trauma and the nervous system. By feeling save in its own body, the horse returns to be able to regulate itself.

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Trauma-sensitive Bodywork

Trauma-sensitive bodywork is suitable for physical limitations as well as metabolic problems and behavioral issues. Depending on the situation, the following therapeutic methods can be used:

120€ per session

We need 1 up to 1,5 hours per session. This service is also available for dogs. Travel fees might be charged.

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