What is Hydroxypathy?

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Hydroxypathy helps making cells in our body bioavailable again. This restores the regulatory capacity of the body.

Our bodies constantly produce acids. They are aiming to balance the processes of our body, especially when we are experiencing too much stress or engage in an excessively acidic diet. In addition, the influence of electrosmog and toxic substances (pesticides, dyes, preservatives) usually already create an imbalance, and this imbalance reaches the tip of the iceberg if infection and inflammation occur in our bodies due to viruses or bacteria.

The organism is constantly busy maintaining the acid-base balance in the blood. If it reaches its limits, it deposits the excess acids and toxins in the cells or intercellular spaces. This can usually be recognized by the fact that animals as well as humans begin to form various deposits on their bodies, so-called fat depots.
Over time, the organism loses its ability to regulate and the basis for disease or organ dysfunction is created.

Substance exchange does not occur any longer in these over acidified cells, which results in stagnation. The cell is no longer able to absorb nutrients, let alone release toxins.

Hydroxypathy is a targeted form of deacidification and forms a basis to support the body in healing and maintaining health.

The deacidification occurs through the targeted use of hydroxideions (OH-) and hydrogen ions (H+) in a hexagon structured water matrix to regulate the physiological acid-base balance and to set a therapy-compatible milieu.

What happens in the body in the process?

There are two different water solutions, an alkaline and an acidic variant.

If you take the alkaline concentrate, ein, gelangen negativ geladene Hydroxidionen (OH–) in die Zellen, die sich mit den positiv geladenen H-Ionen (H+) in den Zellen verbinden. Durch diese Verbindung entsteht ein neutrales Wasser, welches Schlacken aus der Zelle transportiert und den Pischinger Raum regenerieren kann. Die Zelle wird dadurch neu gepolt, so dass die Ionenkanäle der Zelle wieder positiv geladene Mineralien aufnehmen kann, was zuvor nicht mehr möglich war.

The acidic variant has a very high Ph and redox value. The higher the redox value, the more comprehensive and rapid the elimination of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. Electrons from the microbes are destroyed, without the possibility to adapt and form resistances. The milieu change restricts new colonization.

Both solutions are used alternately in the swing therapy against pathogens and for deacidification of the body. In addition, a substance is needed that can absorb and eliminate the dissolved substances. Zeolite is used for this purpose.

I have already had great experiences with Hydroxypathy in dogs, horses and also humans, which led me to participate in the veterinary training for this therapy method. 
Especially with horses that were already struggling with massive metabolic problems, in combination with implementing the correct diet the results were outstanding!

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