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Anne Temme - Natural Spirit

I am a National German Certified equestrian facility manager an equine professional with focus on breeding and husbandry. I am also a certified trainer for both competition and pleasure horses, mainly in the western riding disciplines. In my time working as a manager and trainer, I was able to gain valuable experience in the field of rehabilitation, especially for those horses that were deemed incurable by other professionals. 

In addition, I went through four years of schooling to be a certified spiritual healer, with focus on animal communication and soul reading for people. This certification is supported through the DGH, which is a recognized institution for spiritual healing in Germany and lead by Anja Hertwig
(FATUM Academy for spiritual healing). 

Four years of training as a spiritual healer in the field of "Hands on Healing", applicable to animals and humans, also recognized and certified by the DGH.ev ( Teacher Anna-Maria Pierce in cooperation with FATUM-Academy) 
(HEALOS in Kooperation mit der FATUM-Akademie) 

I continue to attend various seminars of Anna-Maria Pierce several times a year to further my own development and healing. 

In addition, I have specialized in equine nutrition. I have been studying and researching this aspect for years and still do so on a daily basis. Complementing my education in the various equestrian nutrition fields, I have also completed all required seminars with Simone Meyer vom Semhof. 

My work in supporting horse's nutrition is complemented through the therapeutic approach of hydroxypathy (see also the upcoming blog post of: What is hydroxypathy?) of the company Orthocell.

I have also continued to educate myself on the subject of natural hoof care over the past few years. I received extensive schooling to expand my knowledge and refine my skills in collaboration with Daniel Anz and Andy Weißhaupt in a method called 'F-Balance'. I have gained sufficient experience to offer these services to my clients horses. However, my intention is only to trim clients horses that are in urgent need of an alternative trimming approach or those clients that do not have a qualified trimmer to support them. 

It has become much more important for me to empower horse owners to trim their own horses in a healthy and sustainable way. This takes place either individually or can also be organized in the form of a hoof course for several people. 

Another very important component in my work is the approach of Freedom Based Training by Elsa Sinclair. This forms the basis of my own style of stress-free horse training. I am constantly advancing my knowledge in this area and enjoy passing my learning on to interested horse owners. This new knowledge includes an always peaceful and harmonious communication between human and animal. I support and teach in a way that shows the animal how to properly respond and flourish the world around and with their humans . I always include the training of humans, so that they understand their animals better! My goal is harmony, happiness and joy - for both animals and people. 

Dog owners may also feel included here.
I visited Melanie Müller Quine of 'A-real-nature' in the south of France to further my knowledge in dog language and behaviour. Through this 6 week course I was able to reach a new level when it comes to my intuitive abilities to understand dogs and their behaviour. Since then I can communicate with dogs in their own way, without having to use conventional training methods. 

I also started an education as an energetic equine osteopath with Ellen von Dahlen of 'Equinus Sanitas'. I received insight into osteopathy in a generic approach, however the main focus was on being able to influence the finer nuances that occur in body, sprit and soul. This served as a perfect addition to my work as a spiritual healer and energetic animal communicator. 

After that I continued my education with equine osteopath Lina Peukert. We went into even more detail about how to help horses release trauma from all structures of the physical body. This work is very fascinating and amazing at the same time, the horses love it very much!

Most recently I have been training in Equine Assisted Coaching with Manuela and Carsten Essig of "live, love, learn". I noticed in my daily practice that the healing processes of the animals are directly linked to the processes that their owners are experiencing. Through the coaching training that I received, I have the ability to accompany animal and owner equally through their healing. More often, the animal (horse or dog) also acts as an important space holder that helps the owner to move through certain layers of healing.

My therapeutic offerings for humans and animals are complemented by the application of: 

- colored light therapy 

- light kinesiology by means of biophoton mirrors of Renzo Celani and the biophoton pads of the company Livewave

- Frequency field therapy of the company Vetmedicum 

- Kinesiology taping 

- Blood work interpretation for horses (6-part extensive workshop with Sonja Witschel of "Minerals in Balance)

In combination with all of the above and my broad experience, I can provide therapy, support and education in an all-encompassing, profound and sustainable way. 

I am looking forward to helping you! 

Anne blogs

It fills me with deep joy to bring my knowledge and experience out into the world.